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Creme de la Bride Interview

We were recently interviewed by the magazine 'Creme de la Bride', here is a full transcript of the interview. 


How did Burrell come about?
Trevor Burrell, a great chef was approached by a young couple to cater for their wedding. From that one wedding he was asked to cater for two more and that's how Burrell Catering was born.

What do you specialise in?
Caribbean and African Cuisine, beautifully presented on time by our courteous and enthusiastic staff.

What dishes do you offer? What's your favourite dish?
Our menus are bespoke and diverse, it has always been our ambition to celebrate, and reflect the couple culture in their chosen menus. My favourite dish is salt fish and cabbage, but that is a dish we have never served at a wedding yet.

What type of service do you offer?
All the various types of service, currently we find family service to be the most popular option, because it brings a wide range of foods to the guests at their table.

But moving towards 2016 we are getting many requests for buffet service which is a surprise.

Have you ever catered for any celebs? Which one?
Yes we have, but we try and try every client the same. It is important to recognise that every client is special. We have discovered that you never know just who people know and many times sitting amongst the guests is a face you immediately recognise who is a cherished relative of friend.


Who has been your most memorable client?
There are so many to choose from, but a couple who come to mind are Sonji & Patrick Clarke who's wedding we catered on 16th July 1988 at Wandsworth Civic Suite. Sonji recently celebrated her 50th birthday and asked us to cater the event. It was a great catch up and so lovely to be a continued part of this couples married life.

Describe yourself in one sentence?
This is the hardest question to answer, ask anyone that knows me they'll soon tell you.

What's your thoughts on a magazine such as Creme de la Bride?
The world of weddings is fast changing and it's great to have a magazine that helps brides make those important choices.

Have you ever won an award? Which ones?
We have been voted caterer of the year by various organisations, some voted for by couples, others by people within the industry, but none have meant as much to us as the individual couples who call or write us after their wedding day and say thank you! That, in the end is what keeps you in business.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
The last 26 years flew by and I hope we can continune to enjoy this demanding job and keep ourselves relevant.

Competition is a good thing and we are still learning from both established and new companies that have ambition to be great caterers.


The original article can be found by following this link and going to page 106/107

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